168 Queen Street South, Suite 210
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


Our spacious studio, located in the heart of the Village of Streetsville in Mississauga, is designed to support and encourage the focusing of each student on his/her own individual practice and development of awareness to body, mind and spirit. this safe environment creates an atmosphere which invites exploration and reflection through inner focus.

Our teachers are all creative in adapting the poses in order that all students can find a way to work with their bodies. We believe that everyone can do yoga. The student who is athletic, flexible and strong, the student who is pregnant, the student who lives in pain, the student who lives in a wheel chair.

Yoga is a way of living our lives. During the class we are able to learn the yoga postures, learn about our breathing, learn to rest and use that knowledge outside the class. We begin to stand tall sit tall, listen to our breathing, live to our fullest potential and from that place, everything changes. The way we think about yourself changes, and as a result the way we relate to others and our environment changes.

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